Use NxGn’s Authentic Laser Tag Firearms

Gangsta Fight in Gotham Style - NYC

6500 Sq Feet

2 Stories

Ultimate Tactical Laser Tag Battles

Edgewater’s Premier GAMING CENTER

Imagine stepping into a Gotham-inspired New York City, where every twist and turn brings the thrill of laser tag combat using our unique and authentic firearms. Our massive ~7,000 SqFt multi-level arena is designed to make you feel like a real-life action hero. Experience your heart racing as you dodge through dark alleyways, sneak past enemy lines, and unleash your inner warrior in a high-tech urban battlefield. Perfect for teaming up with friends, celebrating a birthday, or just looking for an adrenaline rush, Gotham NYC Battle offers the ultimate tactical laser tag experience. Dive into the most electrifying laser tag adventure ever—victory is just a shot away!

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Gotham Style Tactical Laser Tag Action!

Join the Laser Tag Battle : Build Skills and Camaraderie

Tactical LT at NxGn Arena is more than just a game—it’s a forge for teamwork, communication, and leadership. Each match challenges players to work together, strategize on the fly, and adapt to constantly changing scenarios. It’s a place where friendships are strengthened, and new bonds are formed in the heat of battle. Schools, corporate teams, and groups of friends find our arena the perfect setting for building skills that extend far beyond the game. Whether you’re celebrating a victory or learning from defeat, the experiences shared here last a lifetime.


Laser Tag Experience with Advanced Equipment

Dive into the heart of action at NxGn Arena, where our Tactical Laser Tag takes you beyond the conventional into a realm where strategy, skill, and bravery shine. Our state-of-the-art arena is designed to challenge and excite, with dynamic environments that mimic urban warfare and sci-fi landscapes. Whether maneuvering through dimly lit corridors or strategizing in open spaces, every corner turned is an opportunity for triumph or defeat. More than just a game, it’s a test of your instincts, agility, and teamwork.

Strategic Gameplay: Think Fast, Move Faster

Tactical Laser Tag at NxGn Arena emphasizes strategic gameplay, where quick thinking and swift movements are key to success. This is a game of intellect as much as it is of agility. Players must navigate the arena with strategy, using the environment to their advantage while outsmarting their opponents. It’s a thrilling test of tactics, where every decision can turn the tide of battle. The ability to anticipate your opponent’s moves and counteract them with precision makes for an exhilarating experience that challenges the mind and body alike.

Tactical Laser Tag Photos


Our realistic equipment gives you the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the combat zone.



Our wireless vests and headbands have multiple hit sensors with adjustable straps to accommodate most people.



The irM4 come with live CO2 noise and recoil. It’s the most authentic laser tag firearm to enjoy with!



The irHeadband is designed with additional sensors to support features like zombie and medic modes. It offers wireless syncing, adjustable sizing for a perfect fit, and is made from self-wicking nylon for comfort. 


Fun & Safety Guidelines

We recommend a minimum age of 6 to play.

Our tactical laser tag equipment is top of the line and designed with you – the player – in mind. Our taggers include powerful software, and are intuitive, safe, and easy to use. With features like hit confirmation and trackers, you’ll be able to easily follow your game with friends and co-workers.

A session is a one-hour time slot to play tactical laser tag. Within that 1 hour there are usually three missions. Each Session begins on the hour each hour.

We offer 60+ Arcade Games, VR, Extreme Games and a Bar and Grille to spend time while waiting for your session to begin.

You can absolutely rent out our arena for a private party. We also have party rooms available and can even cater the event with our in-house pizza and other delicious menu options. For those 21 and older, we offer full liquor bar, craft and draft beer and wine.

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Tactical Laser Tag Experience

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