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VR - The Sky is the Limit!

VR Flying in Edgewater, Nj

Embark on an unparalleled journey with VR Fly at NxGn Arena, where the dream of flight becomes a breathtaking reality. This immersive Virtual Reality Games experience sets itself apart by allowing you to control your flight path through intuitive body movements, offering a seamless blend of fantasy and reality across a multitude of exotic and imaginary destinations. Feel the wind, hear the sounds, and see the world from a perspective never before possible, all without leaving the comfort of the gaming center. VR Fly promises not just a game, but an unforgettable adventure that simulates the exhilarating freedom of flying, making it an essential experience for anyone visiting NxGn Arena to play Virtual Reality Games.


VR Intuitive Control

There are many Virtual Reality Games but in this game Use your body to control your flight. Spread your arms, tilt, and maneuver through the air with natural movements.


VR Vast Worlds

There are many Virtual Reality Games but in this game you Choose your own adventure across our extensive library of virtual destinations, both real and imagined.

Fly Around the World Anywhere You Want

Under the Sea


Jurassic World


Butterfly World




Mount Everest




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Fun & Safety Guidelines

We recommend a minimum age of 6 to play in virtual reality games

VR Fly is a virtual reality experience at NXGN Arena that simulates the exhilarating sensation of flying. Using intuitive body movements, you can navigate through various exotic and imaginary destinations.

VR Fly uses advanced VR headsets and motion tracking technology. You control your flight by tilting your body and spreading your arms, which allows you to move in any direction within the virtual world.

Yes, VR Fly is designed with safety in mind. However, it is not suitable for individuals with motion sickness, heart conditions, or epilepsy recommened in Virtual Reality Games

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