VR Storm

VR Games Experience in Edgewater, NJ

Step into the future of VR games at NXGN Arena with VR Storm, where your hands are the ultimate controllers! With our cutting-edge hand gesture technology, you’ll be transported into the heart of thrilling adventures. Imagine casting spells, navigating treacherous terrains, and interacting with the virtual world in the most intuitive way possible. Every movement and action feel incredibly real, making you the hero of your own story. VR Storm’s innovative system ensures a seamless and engaging experience that will blow your mind and keep you coming back for more! 


Feel Every Twist and Turn with Dynamic Two-Motion Seating!

Get ready for a ride like no other in vr games with VR Storm’s dynamic two-motion seating at NXGN Arena! VR Games. These advanced seats make every twist, turn, and dive feel unbelievably real. Whether you’re flying through icy Arctic winds or exploring eerie, creepy castles, the motion seats bring the action to life. The physical sensations enhance the realism and intensity of your journey, making you feel as though you’re truly part of the adventure. It’s an edge-of-your-seat experience that will leave you breathless and eager for more! 


A Wide Array of Thrilling Worlds

Ready to dive into the most thrilling experiences at NXGN Arena? With VR Storm, you get to choose your own adventure! Brave the icy grips of Arctic Adventure, navigate the haunted halls of creepy castles, or explore the delightful landscapes of Sugary Slope. VR Games world is packed with unique challenges and jaw-dropping visuals that will leave you in awe. Whether you’re a fearless explorer or a curious newbie, there’s a favorite realm waiting just for you. The variety keeps the excitement fresh, making every visit a new chance to explore and enjoy epic gaming fun. Grab your friends and get ready for an unforgettable adventure!

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Fun & Safety Guidelines

VR Storm is designed for players aged 12 and above. Younger players should be accompanied by an adult to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience in vr games.

  1. If you experience any discomfort, dizziness, or nausea while playing, please stop immediately and inform a staff member. Our team is trained to assist you and ensure your safety.

The seats move in sync with the game, enhancing the realism of the experience. They are designed to provide physical sensations that match the virtual environment, such as twists, turns, and dives. Always remain seated and keep your safety harness fastened during the game.

All VR games equipment, including headsets and hand controllers, are thoroughly sanitized between uses. We also provide disposable hygiene covers for added safety.

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